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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Added Tcl file list generation

I uploaded the next version to sourceforge.

This version added a few more options relevant to my initial goal of building file lists and extracting other info for implementation related tasks.

(See the previous post for download and install details.)

After install:

> bin/analyze

Usage: analyze.rb (--tcl out.tcl)? (--exit_on_err)? topModule vlogOpts+

--tcl out.tcl : dump details in tcl format to "out.tcl".
--exit_on_err : exit status != 0 if any parse errors.
: And, no "out.tcl" generated if errors.

vlogOpts is one of
-f args.f
-v library.v
-y library_directory

The additional options are: --tcl and --exit_on_err.

You should try these out. The format/info contained in the generated out.tcl file should be self-explanatory.

Let me know any bugs, improvements, ideas, praise, etc.

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