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Friday, August 8, 2008

Added Ruby file list generation

In this release uploaded to sourceforge, I added a Ruby (syntax) file list option:

Usage: analyze.rb (--tcl out.tcl)? (--rb out.rb)? (--exit_on_err)?
topModule vlogOpts+

--tcl out.tcl : dump details in tcl format to "out.tcl".
--rb out.rb : dump details in ruby format to "out.rb".
--exit_on_err : exit status != 0 if any parse errors.
: And, no "out.tcl" generated if errors.

I also ran across an interesting testcase of some wacky control character, 0x93, in a Verilog source file! I updated the (Antlr) lexer to accept a full 8-bit vocabulary and simply toss all the bizarre ones into a protected lexer rule: CNTL, and simply skip them: (except from Vlog.g, with line numbers shown):

1219 class VlogLexer extends Lexer;
1220 options {
1221 k=3;
1222 charVocabulary='\u0000'..'\u00FF';
1223 testLiterals=false;
1224 }
1474 WS : (CNTRL|' '|'\r'|'\t'|'\n' {newline();})
1475 {$setType(Token.SKIP);}
1476 ;
1478 protected
1479 CNTRL
1480 : '\u0000'..'\u0008'
1481 | '\u000B'..'\u000C'
1482 | '\u000E'..'\u001F'
1483 | '\u007F'..'\u00FF'
1484 ;

Let me know any bugs, improvements, ideas, praise, etc.